Schellenger House, Wildwood, NJ O8260

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Summer/Seasonal Room Rentals (Private or shared)

14 bedrooms  •  9 Full Baths • Newly-renovated Housing Complex

Exterior of 120 Schellinger Ave, Wildwood NJ

See images below from Schellenger House, our New Jersey Shore House / Apartment / Room Rental units: East Schellenger Ave, Wildwood Crest, NJ O8260

14 bedrooms  •  9 Full Baths  • Newly-renovated Housing Complex

Close to Beaches and Boardwalk! Seasonal rooms for rent; private (or shared with roommate) in the Wildwood area of the New Jersey shore. Groups/shared housing also an option. (Sorry no year-round rentals).


Schellenger House Wildwood, NJ O8260

See photos below

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